"My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes"

"My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes"

Covering fabric shoes is a fun way to reinvent a old or boring pair of shoes. I recently bought myself a pair of Sketchers from Costco in a very plain grey and wanted to change the look, so I decided to cover them with some knit cotton fabric. I was worried about using a regular woven cotton because the shoes were made with a knit and looked like they might need some stretch.

I did a rough outline of the shoes with some parchment paper. These shoes have vinyl accents that I didn't want to cover on the toes and heel. I choose a fabric that would coordinate with the grey and cut it out loosely. It's easier to trim later, then to cut the fabric too small. I used Fabri-Tac glue and also Aleene's Fabric fusion.


Fabric-Tac works better on the edges since it dries faster, however it is shiny when dry so be careful not to get only on the top of the fabric. You can cut closely to the edges using small scissors or a blade.

I ended up using small scissors, since I found them easier. What's nice with knit is if you cut a mm too small you can stretch the fabric a bit to make up the difference. Around the vinyl accents, I used my small blade to push the glued fabric under the edge, giving it a cleaner look. Make sure you have enough glue under there to keep the fabric from slipping out, since there isn't a lot of room. If doing this with shoes that have no accents, you can just glue it touching the edge of the sole.

These shoes also have a bias tape covering the edges, where I was able to just slip the fabric underneath. Other alternatives are folding the fabric overtop the edge and gluing a little inside the shoe, or just touching up to the edge and either leaving it as is or covering the top edges with your own ribbon, bias tape or decoration of choice.

Happy Crafting!!