“I’m gonna hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes are gonna be out of style!”

“I’m gonna hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes are gonna be out of style!”

Now that's how you cut fabric!

When it comes to clothing, it is important to use the right fabric for the job. Some fabrics like quilting cottons can be used in skirts, dresses, corsets and others, even when they aren't necessarily the best fabric for the job.

Knit fabrics however are a necessity for some clothing items. Anything that needs stretch. Hoodies, leggings, underwear and many more all couldn't be made with a woven non-stretch fabric. 

close up of knit weave

This is what a close up of knit fabric looks like and why it is stretchy.

Some knits come with information in the sizing like this

96% Cotton 4% Spandex 32s+30d, 58/59in 200 gsm, 4 Way Stretch

This tells the fiber content, durability, width in inches, weight and stretch.

Fiber content is a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, next is the 32s+ 30d which refers to yarn count (32s) and durability (30d-double knit).

Double knit fabric has two layers woven together creating a more stable knit. They give a more structured, stable look to your garments and are great for beginners wanting to sew with knits. 

Next is width, which is much wider then quilting cotton that is usually 43-45" wide, weight is 200 grams per square meter of fabric and last is stretch.

Fabrics can either stretch 2 way or 4 Way, as in the either stretch in one direction and not the other or they stretch in all directions. This can make sewing more challenging, since there is a chance for your fabric to stretch as you sew creating waves and ruffles in your seams. 

Sergers are great for sewing knits. Double needles or a stretch stitch on a sewing machine will also work, be sure to use the correct stitch.

Knit fabric also shrinks and it is recommended to wash before cutting.

Washing instructions vary but are often - machine wash cold and with like colours. Do Not Bleach. Machine dry low and remove promptly.

Happy Sewing!